SAFEMOONCASH shows a value in the wallet but not in my holdings

On the wallet page, my wallet shows a value of my SAFEMOONCASH but in the holdings tab, it shows a 0 dollar value.

Would you be willing to attach a screenshot of how many coins you own and what Accointing shows the value is?

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Here’s what’s in the portfolio overview:

here’s what the wallet shows:

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Let me look into this.
So you are saying your 1.8billion SafemoonCash is calculated in USD correctly in your wallet. But incorrectly on the portfolio overview.

Does the solution in this post help?

Can you send me a photo of your full data base of where your transacted SafemoonCash?

Not sure exactly what you’re looking for, do you want the excel export of the transactions? Also, I noticed the balance shows up correctly in the mobile app.

I check and we already have a bug report on this ,so hopefully it gets fixed soon :slight_smile:

Are you still having issues @mattb70

Yes, it is fixed. thank you

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