Revolut **help** where do I find API Keys?

Hi. Where in the Revolut app or web portal can I create the read only API keys that the app requests? Btw Revolut support have absolutely no idea, on my 5th support agent and spent 3 days now trying to get them to even understand the question. Thanks

Is this what you are talking about? This wallet?

Can you please send me a link to their webpage?

Thanks for looking into this. Not sure what page you have there. I’m looking for a page in Revolut to generate keys for accointing. To access that you would need a Revolut account. Thanks Richard

I guess that I do not understand your question. I will ask the support chat and get back with you.
Do you have a link to Revolt?

Hi Rickywray!

Revolut does not offer an API. It is best to contact them about the taxation as you do not hold the cryptocurrencies they sell yourself.

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Thanks that makes sense given I cannot find it and support don’t know what I’m talking about.

Matt - Here you go… They are a very popular online bank with millions of users. About 50% of Ireland adults use them because of the great exchange rates. They also allow crypto trading within their app. Would be great if Accointing could talk to them at a business level and get a connection sorted out.

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Thank you, I live in the U.S. so that would be why I never heard of it :stuck_out_tongue:

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