Request to add the exchange Swissborg

I would like to request the addition of Swissborg to the integrated exchanges.
Hope there’s a few upvotes for it :wink:

Hopefully you’ll get some @Eurion! Rooting for you!

may you want to upvote here


Thanks for the heads up, voted there! :slight_smile:

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yes please add Swissborg


It seems there are not enough votes on it.

I tried to convert the Swissborg XLS into an Accounting upload sheet but it has a different logic as it seems.

Hey @Flo11 you need to convert the data in Accointing’s formate.

An example is on the spreadseet:

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Please do add Swissborg. With regulators and banks (in the UK) having crypto-hostility, more and more are using Swissborg as the ideal, safe, secure and regulated on-off ramp for the wider market.

Not being able to link or import automatically a series of very simple transactions yesterday had me pouring over the keyboard for some hours and even then something is not right in the result!

Please, please integrate Swissborg asap

Very best wishes


another request for Swissborg integration.

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Same here. Thanks for adding Swissborg.

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Totally agree, we need this for use in the UK

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Swissborg is a great up-and-coming exchange, needs to be integrated, ASAP please!

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I am a great fan of SwissBorg and really could do with it added to ACCOINTING