Representation of tokens with small unit prices

In the portfolio view on the price tab/chart, it would be nice if coins that have a low price e.g. 1.256 $ or 0.8934 $, that they are displayed in the price chart on a lower scale and not just a line on the zero line from right to left. Also in the underlying table such tokens should be displayed with e.g. 3, 4 or 5 digits after the decimal point.

Thank you very much.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! In, we work based on a voting mechanism: the more upvotes your feature requests has, the faster it moves in our development pipeline. Hopefully, you’ll get enough upvotes from this community to have it implemented.

It would definately be nice to see more numbers to the right of the decimal point in regards to any price data. Showing <$0.01 doesn’t really help when it comes to watching daily price changes and purchase price.

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I think this post won’t get much visibility because of the title.

If there are similar issues, I will forward them to this post.
What title do you suggest?