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For Accointing’s referral program, you seem to only offer a referral link. Can you also add a code we can have them type in at checkout? In my experience, a code performs better than a link.
How to file your Crypto taxes for 2020 with Accointing (More than 2251 Transactions on TurboTax)

Hey Matt,

thank you very much for your feedback, awesome video! You can utilize the code that is attached to the link and give that out directly. If no link with auto-attached code was previously clicked the user is asked on checkout for a coupon code. There he can enter the code.

So the link is just a shortcut, but from what I’ve seen in the video you got it right! I’ll make sure that we add this information to the referral program soon.

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So my link is:
So my coupon code is TU0WXWPH , is that correct?
Is there any way to get another link ending in MattLong6 like my custom code is in the video? If I had both this link AND that link ending in MattLong6, I think that would make everything easier to track. Easier for me, and easier for you.

We’ll come up with something and reach out!

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