Reconcilliation (for FTX API) no longer working


I normally pull all the transactions from my FTX once a day. Normally I would have to manaully reconcile at least one pair, but now all the pairs need reconcilling and now it has stopped working altogether:

  • I click on the “Missing-Funds Tool”

  • I then go through all the steps. At Step 4 → Click on FTX icon → Fix for me

  • I instantly get this “finished” message, where normally it would take <1 min to be finished.

  • But it hasn’t done anything, as the pairs still need to be reconcilled:

Could you help to fix? FYI, I am nearly at 70,000 transactions:


FYI - I could only supply one image as evidence.

I would not click Fix for me that often. It can create more issues than it solves if you click that. That method is supposed to be if you cannot fix it yourself going through the data set, or if it is a tiny dust amount that it is off by.

“Reconcile (auto solve) your balance if you can’t find mistakes in your dataset”

Are you connected via API? Or uploading spreadsheets?
You may also need to upgrade your plan.

Hi Matt,

I am currently connected to FTX via the API.

I am also on the Pro Plan which “had” unlimited transactions when I originally bought the plan. I am 3-4 months in and they are my # transactions since starting.

I will have a look at all my transactions that have been automatically reconcilled and ry to undo them and manually fix them.

If it doesn’t work then I will consider moving to another platform as your platform doesn’t suit crypto “grid” trading.


Yes, at this time we have to put a max or Accointing would not be able to handle it.

If you need a refund, please contact us here:

We are planning on upgrading to a higher transaction cap but unfortunately, it won’t reach millions of transactions in a long time. For most of our users, the 50K transactions cap is more than enough, but I understand that this is not the case for bot traders.