Reconciliation with manual order does not work 2

Since you closed my last bug report without giving me the chance to answer I created a new topic. Please read this carefully. This is not about spotty Kuicoin API but a bug in your software. The manual transaction I entered should have reconciled the missing balance (caused by spotty Kucoin API but besides the point). Look at the screenshots. The fact that I used Kucoin is not relevant to the bug I am reporting.

I imported my Kucoin wallet. Kucoin API is missing all trades/orders and only gives me withdraws and deposits. This leaves me with “missing balances” errors obviously.

I tried to fix them by manually entering the order. However, it just doesn’t work. The order does not “get” that it has the required ethers available:

And it is not about some little amount or transaction fee I am missing. It is the the whole amount:

I apologize for assuming your issue was about Kucoin. We are working on a Kucoin API upgrade that should go up tomorrow, but that is beside the point.

So the issue is that you have an internal transfer from your ETH wallet to your Kucoin and it is not registering. I can create a bug report for this.
I am unable to recreate this issue is my problem, I’ll ask the others if they have seen this before.

Can you confirm for me that there are no other transactions you had that day regarding your Kucoin address?

Can you also please click refresh on your wallet?

I am as puzzled as you are. But from what I am seeing this is exactly what is happening. The order does dot “see” the ETH which are transferred to this wallet. Maybe the problem is mixing manual and API transactions?

No other transactions on this wallet that day. This is the whole transaction history for the Kucoin wallet:

This is great to hear. Maybe I can get rid of the manual fixup then.

Just did that. Didn’t help. No new transactions found.

I have seen this issue a few times since we last talked. It is something to do with the internal transactions that makes the system think there are missing funds.

The Kucoin is updated. We fixed the times, the time of deposits used to be off. As a result you may see duplicates of deposits.

Look here to stay updated on Kucoin APi :slight_smile:

But it is still unfixed, right?

Yes, we are unable to reproduce the issue, and looking at our code to figure out why these internal transactions are producing missing funds alerts.

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Let me know if there is anything I can do to resolve this. This error is persistent for me.

Does it seem that only the internals are causing issues?

How am I supposed to know? You see my KUCOIN account there. Only internals in it.

Thank you for your help, we will have the teach team take a look.

Would you be willing to download your full data set and send it to us?

If so please fill this out :slight_smile:

It would help a lot in trying to replicate this bug

Did just that!

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The miscalculation error should be fixed now. Please refresh your wallets and let me know if it is working now :smiley:

Nope. No luck. Behaviour didn’t change. What I did:

  • Refresh the Kucoin wallet (no change in behaviour)
  • Deleted the manually entered order and entered it anew (no change in behaviour)

What did email support say after you Submitted your tickeR?

I never received a reply.

Can you reply to that ticket you created and add a link to this post for background information?
In the meantime, I will have them look for your ticket now. I may have been lost within the other tickets.

Unfortunately, I created the ticket when I wasn’t logged in. So I cannot really reply there. Should I create a new one. This time while being logged in?

Is the error you are received seem to be the same amount as with the internals you made with that coins and the fees associated with that internal?

Not sure what you mean. I think the screenshots I posted do describe the problem pretty well. I just made a new set of screenshots. I hope this helps: