Really need the ability to track a Bech32 Wallet with zPub

I mainly use the beautiful iPhone App to track all my Portfolio but why there isn’t Bech32 zPub Key Support yet If i add a Wellt with xpub or ypub this works fine but zpub dont work. then the App says Wallet Adress not found.

Hi @BitcoinGeek! I’m sorry to hear that. Let me get back to you on this matter tomorrow once I have more information from the Product Team. Thanks for your understanding.

Hi @BitcoinGeek! Checked with the team today. Seems like the zpub is working just fine for us. Can you tell us a bit more information about your situation at

@Rod Ok I have testet it Today with an zPub from Exodus and it surprisingly Worked. Than i tested to add the zpub of my Trezor but then the App loads a very long time and then says with a red Banner: “Invaild Wallet Address”

I dont know why Trezor with Funds in it dont work but Exodus without funds works fine.

Hi @BitcoinGeek! Thanks for the follow up. Have you tried doing it from your desktop? Have you tried using Trezor Live Connect?

Same issue here, the zpub from Trezor fails with error. Is the official Accointing stance on this that zpub should work and it is a supported featue? @Rod

Hi @augusdis ! Discussed today and we will be investigating on this to offer a solution pretty soon. Thanks for your patience and I hope to have news for you soon.