Realised Gains in USD? Curious what this might be

Hello Sir/Mam,

I have been finding accointing really helpful and also helping me learn and think my next moves as well. Maybe make me a little slower in exploring crypto world but thats fine.

So, coming to the topic, i was looking into the performance tab and found the below info.

Asset            Remaining amount               Unrealized gains               Realized Gains
 USD                 43.177393.                          $0.00.                   -$239.48

If you could please help me how could have this occured, i thought it might be the fees paid so far, but when i go to generate Tax forms it mentions fees as a separate aggregate column.

hence kinda confused, came here to seek some help.

Would be great if given some insights,

PS:would actually be great if this is true since i can claim the amount(JK :smiley: )but dont want to get burnt later.

Thank you,

Hey @Titan93 what is your main currency set in the Accointing settings?

USD And Bitcoin!! :earth_asia:

Just in case: you can scroll left to right in the highlighted column in the post. If you already knew this, please ignore this message. :slight_smile:

This page is an overall summary that is calculated for speed and the tax report is more accurate.

The negative realized gains for USD are the transaction fees, but not the transactions classified as “Fee”. this might be where the differences are.

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