Realised gain /portfolio performance

there is a realised gain showing although the transaction was merely a transfer. why would this get treated as a gain or loss if no trading occured

If the transaction was marked as internal then there shouldn’t be any gain and the only loss should be the transaction fee. It’s considered internal and non-taxable if it got transferred to and from a wallet or exchange that you own. If it was actually an internal transfer you just need to make sure the time stamps and amount transferred are similar in the deposit and withdraw, then mark it as internal and it’ll bring you to the internal transaction section to verify. If it was not an internal transaction then can you please give more detail about the transfer and why you think it shouldn’t be taxed.

If none of these answers are helpful in your case can you please post a screenshot of the affected transactions so I can possibly help you more.

it does not let me change the classification from withdraw to internal

this was a transfer from an exchange to a wallet and i cannot mark it as internal

Do you have the wallet deposit in the system as well?

If not, it could either be automatically imported by supplying the wallet address to the correct network/wallet type. Or it could be manual, by creating a wallet without an address and creating a manual deposit into that wallet with the same info as the transfer.

Once you have both the deposit and withdraw in the system and they have similar timestamps and transaction amounts, they can then be classified as internal.

i think the best would be for the Terrastation to be integrated as a wallet which so far is not available that would save creating a wallet. any timeline or probability of the terra ecosystem to be added here? many thanks for reverting by the way


Requesting support for a new wallet / network API would be a feature request. If there isn’t a feature request already for that, you should create one since it would have to receive votes to be implemented. I linked a possible existing feature request that you might be interested in.

If that is what you were referring to, I would go vote on that. But I’m the meantime you’ll have to manually create a wallet for that transaction so you can mark it as internal. It doesn’t really matter what type it is since you will not be using an API import. Just leave the wallet address blank and put a manual deposit into it.


it is. thanks for clarification


Hey @TFUE am I good to close this topic or do you have more questions? Looks like @alantbarlow was able to help a lot :slight_smile:

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very happy to close and even more happy if terra ecosystem gets integrated here- tks vm

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Vote for the feature here :slight_smile: I will close this topic :slight_smile: