Questions about EOS transactions

Hi, I’ve purchased a Pro Plan and so far I’m finding Accointing pretty useful. However, I’m having a hard time classifying a few EOS transactions in order to have a complete picture of my capital gains.

  1. Once the mainnet launched in 2018, the EOS ERC20 tokens value dropped to zero. However, I’m still seeing that those tokens have value in the Accointing Ethereum wallet. How could I set the value to zero so the dashboards are accurate?
  2. How to account for the mainnet distribution of new tokens? In a way, it was similar to a swap between the old EOS ERC20 tokens and the new native EOS tokens? How should I classify those transactions?
  3. EOS had the concept of staking. However, staking was not meant to obtain rewards (e.g., interest on staked capital), but it was meant to provide access to resources (CPU, bandwidth). In order to stake one had to send transactions to the EOS account eos.stake (vice-versa in order to unstake). Should I classify those transactions as internal?

Hope someone can shed some light on these questions.
Thanks in advance.

Any ideas on how to handle these transactions? :pray:

Hi @kuru

Sorry for the delayed response.

  1. I would classify them as “ignore” or if you actually have these tokens still but could not cash them out then you can classify them as “lost”.
  2. The transaction out of your ethereum wallet, and into your EOS wallet you can classify as internal and like this it will be the swap.
  3. Yes I would classify these as internal as well.

All the best

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