Question about classification


When I’m in the full data set and filter on deposits or withdrawals, I see some transactions that are unclassified. These are transactions between my own wallets.

When I click on classify as internal, it brings me to step 2: identify internals screen. This screen doesn’t show anything.

What would be the best thing to do if I want to classify these transactions? Is classify ‘ignore’ an option, because I don’t need to pay tax on transfers between my own wallets anyway?

Hi @anon! We would like to take a look at this more closely. Those internal transactions between your wallets should appear in the Review page, on Step 2: Identify Internals screen. Please do me a favor and send the following to

  • your credentials (account email)
  • name transactions that are not appearing as internal (say wallet A token B to exchange B token B)

That will help us fast track your concern.

Hello @Rod, thanks for your reply. I’ve just sent an email with the info you asked for.

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