QTUM in Binance Exchange for no reason

The QTUM coin with an amount of around 3000 coins is shown in my binance exchange wallet connect by API to my binance account. I do not own the QTUM coin, the binance wallet itself is correct. Deleting and new creating of the API connection did not solve the problem. Do you have an idea to solve it?

So in your Binance Wallet, there’s no trace of QTUM? Could it be that you received those as airdrops?

Hi Rod, in my Binance Wallett there is no trace of QTUM. Would be nice to get around 20.000 € worth QTUM coins by air drop :wink: But I can see no evidence in Binance Wallet that shows something like this. BTW: The value in the diagram on the start page (portfolio value over time) is correct. There the qtum coins are not added to the rest.

Would you mind sharing your Full Export History to support@accointing.com so we can take a look at it, please? Just explain what the issue is and they will be able to get back to you with a response. It’s odd that you’re getting that token in your portfolio if you’re connected via API.

Yes, I will do! Thanks for your support so far.

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Am I good to close this poist?

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