Provide an overview of which data is not fetched by Binance API and explain how to find it

Dear support,

the title says it all :heart:

plus: keep it up to date.

Hey @stino we are already working on this :slight_smile:


Yes please, this is very important!

I almost gave up on Accointing yesterday because my Binance import had so many holes. I thought it was Accointing’s fault, but didn’t realise that it was because of Binance’s API.

In my case I think it was mostly the fiat deposits & withdrawals that were missing


I believe this goes out later this week! :smiley:
You will see it when you add the wallet via API, on the right side :smiley:

Check it out! It is more clear now when you add a wallet or exchange which is supported and what is not. This is mainly due to the exchange not sharing info through their exchange:

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Great!! Thank you for that!

Just to get things right: It seems the API now captures more data than before? E.g. “Conversions to BNB” have not been fetched so far. When i already had added Binance some months ago, it would only start to import that data from todays timestamp on? While when I would ad Binance exchange today, it would collect all existing data from the past as well?

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Yes it would collect older data as well
Not sure about conversions to BNB, if its not importing for you, we are currently working diligently on improving the Binance importing.

Uhm, that means, that i might get double data? The older that I’ve added manually (since so far I had to) and the newly fetched one? Hope this wouldnt happen :see_no_evil:

And another question on that topic.

On the Add Binance Exchange mask, it doesn’t say anything about most of the Binance Earn products. So what about the “Savings” plans and the interests earned through it?

Hey @stino @WhiteNinja , please let us know what problems you experience like what Binance API data you do or do not get when synced to accointing. We want to make sure we are up to date.

If you do get double data, please let me know :slight_smile:

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