Problems with "xpub" key


I am a new user and am currently setting up my accounts.

I am importing the contents of my Ledger wallet. All is fine for ETH balance but on inputting the “xpub” key to import my BTC I just keep getting a non-specific “Something Went Wrong” message.

I have watched your YouTube clip on the subject and can’t see how I’m doing anything different.

Any ideas appreciated.

Many thanks

Hi @solarcyclist ! Are you adding your segwit address: How to Connect Your Bitcoin xPub Key to - YouTube?

Hi @Rod,

Thanks for that, I was copying too much of the code! Problem now resolved.


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Hello! A lot of the xpub things have been fixed, can you let me know if your issue is resolved?

Hi Matt,

Yes, it’s long fixed now. I did respond to Rod notifying him of the fact at the time.


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Awesome! I will close this post :slight_smile: