Problem with Matching Internals

I’ve got an issue where a couple of Internal transactions seem to be ‘stuck’

I’ll attach a photo, but I have 2 Internal transactions that seem to have been matched up in my Metamask wallet, yet… the original transaction is still there, not been removed or ‘merged’ as part of the Internal matching, so I have duplicates.

@Matt What do I do to get rid of these?
I dont know whether to just delete the, ignore them, or whether they will then return the next time the wallet is synced. I dont want to do it wrong or make matters worse.

How do I handle this?

See the Red highlight. 2 transactions, dates and amounts match, but one of them is a deposit via the API, that matched the Internal on the line below it. So why is the Deposit still there as a separate item?

Exactly the same with the green highlighted pair

Hey @Peety can you please check this out and get back to me?

And classify any duplicate transactions as ignored.

Thanks for your speedy reply @Matt

I’ve been through the guide you sent me, I had actually been through it before as part of my diagnostics before asking for help.
Yup, everything is ok.
Only thing I tried was to change the Classifications of the 2 Deposits to ‘Add Funds’,
then sync’d the Matamask wallet again, to see if they got ‘matched’ up and disappeared, but they did not.

I’ll now try marking them as ‘ignored’ and see if they reappear after another sync

Ignoring them should have fixed your issue.

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