Problem with coinbase import

I have imported my coinbase wallet and one position suddenly simply does not show up in Accointing anymore. It was there before though. I have a small link position that I still hold in my coinbase wallet. The transaction shows up in the “transaction history” on Accointing but the balance says still 0 and that the funds are missing on coinbase (screenshot). I have updated every wallet several times and even reimported the coinbase wallet. Still nothing. Any ideas how to fix this. Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-08 um 21.01.48

Some of you have had problems with your Coinbase account. Coinbase changed its APIs a week ago without any communication. Coinbase does not return BTC and ETH accounts if all accounts are queried. We have now corrected this to include them again. Let me know if you have anymore questions :slight_smile:

Link should work after you refresh your Coinbase exchange :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the problem is unchanged. It still says that my Link position on the exchange is 0. Even if I try to import a manual transactions it does not recognise LINK. The only workaround that seems to work so far is if I ignore my LINK position in the official Coinbase wallet and create a new wallet where I import LINK manually. Would be great to get a real solution to this though.

We found more issues with the Coinbase Live connection and are working on it now.

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Hello Matt, any news to this big problem?

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The team is working on it. It seems that instead of just asking Coinbase’s API for the data, like they used to. Coinbase changed it so that we have to ask for each coin individually. Accointing was not given a warning, but we are on it.

Hi Matt,

Here’s some more data for your “Coinbase import is broken” issue.

I’ve got my Coinbase fills spreadsheet, and I’ve got my Accointing wallet list, and the import seems to have managed to mong two different transactions together into one.

Coinbase says there are two orders…
a) 2021/04/09 16:07 - Buy 50 ENJ for ~0.003205 BTC
b) 2021/04/09 16:12 - Buy 30 1INCH for ~137.43 GBP

Accointing’s import on the other hand has merged these into…
a) 2021/04/09 16:07 (or 17:07 GMT) - Buy 30 1INCH for 0.003205 BTC

I was told that the Coinbase issue has been resolved! :smiley:
please refresh you wallets!
@Wobble please let me know if this is still an issue. Can you manually fix it after the refresh and then let me know if any new ones do this?

Hi Matt,

Unfortunately not. I did a “delete historical data” so that the account was completely empty, and then did a refresh. It’s still merging those two transactions I mentioned above into one transaction. This causes Accointing to warn that ENJ and GBP are not the same amounts as the exchange is reporting.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Would you be willing to send your .csv file so that we can take a deeper look into why it is merging these 2 transactions into one?

In the form please also leave a link to this post so that we have background context :slight_smile:
The reason we ask for your data is that we do not see your data, whatever you put in your Accointing account, is encrypted.

Can you please tell me the ticket number?

Hi Matt,

I got a reply earlier today telling me that they’ve confirmed the bug exists as stated, and that they’ve passed it onto the engineering team. The ticket number is 70013 :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, looking deeper into this issue now :slight_smile: