Problem with coinbase connection

I have been using accointing for a few months and the connection to Coinbase has stopped working since yesterday. Cache emptied, coinbase removed and added, smartphone restarted.

I’m having the same issue with Coinbase. It just won’t sync with Accointing.
I see Accointing connecting in my Coinbase log and a different service I use is syncing fine with Coinbase.

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Same here. Coinbase Pro syncs, but Coinbase does not

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Hi, please write an email to They try to fix the bug.

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Hi, please write an email to

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Yes, I’ve done that. They responded that it seems to be an issue with Accointing’s oauth connection to Coinbase. No ETA on a fix yet.

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Hey guys is your issue simular to this?


I don’t think so. That issue seems like manually uploading the csv from coinbase, not ‘live’ API syncing, which we are having issues with.

Since Coinbase isn’t syncing, I did upload a csv and it seems to be fine.

He just clarified, that link is about the live connection

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OK, then it’s the same issue I am having as well.

I have the same issue.

Coinbase started syncing again late last night.

Thanks Accointing team for getting this fixed!

There are still problems with the live connection to coinbase. Bitcoin Wallet is displayed with 0.

My coinbase connection still isn’t working.

Okay guys, please @ me if you are still having issues :slight_smile:

I got 2 more reports, we will look deeper into this. We want to make sure that when Coinbase fixed there side it did not mess up our side.

I’m having issues with the connection to Coinbase as well. Cannot perform a refresh.

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Hello @Matt ,

I am still having this issue where coinbase isnt connecting with the Live connection. But Coinbase works on the tracker i was using prior to Accointing.

Hope this adds more weight to this issue.

Thank you,

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Same issue here. I thought my imports were wrong and was trying everything until I realized it was the Coinbase value that was showing as zero and not the Accointing balance. Yesterday it was just my BTC balance showing as zero, but now it’s ETH as well. Hope this gets fixed, thanks!

I have been having this same issue for the past five or so days as well. My Coinbase live connection fails to refresh and reconnecting the account does not resolve the issue.