Portfolio shows a token I do not have anymore

I can find the exact transaction where I sold or swapped said token for ETH but in Full Data Set it shows as a deposit from said address to .58 ETH. ETH amount is correct but it would need to reflect that Ive essentially sold the previous token for ETH at that point instead of still thinking I hold it. When I go to EDIT transaction it doesnt allow me to do much with it. Are there tutorials for this? Im only messing with one wallet for now as I know the more wallets/exchanges I have the more I’m going to have to fix so would love to find tutorials instead of asking a question on every piece of missing data.

Search for your questions in the hub :slight_smile:
You can also send us your wallet/exchange so that we can take a deeper look if you would like, if so please email us about it :slight_smile:
Also leave a link to this page for context :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll send an email.