Portfolio showing coins i dont even have anymore with huge gains

Hi there,

my Portfolio shows some coins like Flokinomics, with the biggest gains. But i do not even own this coins anymore and i also did not make any gains with it.

I have big problems since yesterday, some coins not showing, chart not showing, profit/loss not showing and average prise not showing. It worked fine for months until yesterday. A headache.

Hey @chai can you go to your Full Date set and in the top right, search for the coins you are having issues with and make sure there is a transaction for them all being sold?

If you are not seeing a solution, please DM me a screenshot of the issue and download and send me your full data set.

Here @CaroDewi can you go to your Wallet’s page and refresh your wallets and exchanges. If you see a re-calculate button in the top right, please also click that.
Then get back to me with an update and screenshots of your situation :slight_smile: