Portfolio page will not load - English

Portfolio page is stuck on loading icon. Other pages load. I have logged in/our several times. Problem has persisted for 1.5 hours

me too! same issue… argh.


Please try logging in using a different browser or incognito mode. Please let me know if the issue still persists.

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@TradingBelle do you have an update? :slight_smile:

My apologies for the delayed reply. The issue resolved itself the next morning but has returned. Problem has persisted all day yesterday and still.
Logging in Incognito does resolve the problem but that makes the app unusable for me.
I’m working on mac OS Big Sur, Chrome browser, All updated.
Please advise.

I have the same issue since yesterday. the portfolio and overview are showing 0 and there are no data. the mobile App is working fine, but the Chrome version (Big Sur) stopped working.

Yes…values for me are also zero. Can’t think of anything I changed that might have triggered this. Hope they resolve soon

Dear community: we have a few cases of people being affected by our migration during that time that we were undergoing an update. We are not 100% certain on how long will it take us to address this in the platform (it can be 4 hours or 2 days). The quick workaround, for now, is to clear your cache and this should be addressed. Again, we thank you for your understanding. These new upgrades that have been made will reflect on better performance and experience. This is not something that will happen again. Here’s how to clear your cache: https://clear-my-cache.com/

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Sorry, folks, but something went REALLY wrong here. I have several wrong coin values in my account. And one of a sudden missing classifications, that I had fixed before. Checked in different browsers, cleared my cache and tried in incognito mode. Same problem everywhere …

I have done as requested and issue persists. I’m working on desktop Mac, Big Sur
CHrome browser. Please advise/

Thank you! Clearing the cache and restarting my browser solved the issue for me.


With Google Chrom ok, Mobile App ok, with Brave Browser stuck on Loading Icon! No Data 0.00 all over all!

I have brave too. Clear the cache and it should work.

Hey guys, we fixed a lot of it, there are still issues. For example, it seems that there is an infinite refresh loading for some users with Metamask.
Please let us know what other exchanges you are currently having issues with, thank you!