Portfolio Overview on desktop is showing wrong value. Cannot see my coins

Not showing my coins.The wallets page is accurate. The phone app is fine. Very strange. The coins have no balances on overview page on desktop only.

I have same issue. In android app values are there but % change is not currently calculating… on Desktop web - whole wallets and value is missing even though though they show up in the wallets screen. Come on accointing…get your stuff together here please.

Same. I almost had a heart attack thinking someone had grabbed my holdings!

Accointing has had SO many issues the last week or so…they messin with our emotions by thinking our money is messed with!!!

Web - Portfolio menu/ Overview web page is not displaying portfolio value for most coins (only my USD coin value is showing correctly, but all other coins not showing Value/24 hour change column, just $0.00 or 0%).

Web - “Total Value” at top of main page is not accurate, only showing USD coin value, and the “24-hour value change” value and percent change are not showing either.

iPhone App - Portfolio tab - Value column is displaying correct total value for both $dollars and coin qty. The 24-hour value and percent change are not showing at all.

Can you please help me with the following?

  1. Can you please refresh each of your wallets and then in the top right, you may need to recalculate:

  2. Do you have any of the following exchanges connected? Coinbase, Binance, Gate.io

  3. Does your Full Data Set look correct?