Portfolio only updates once then never updates on iOS

Since the last app update, when you pull down on your portfolio to update once, it updates the values and total portfolio. Subsequent tries fail and the spinning progress indicator stays visible but stops spinning. The values never update. The only way to “fix” this is to force close the app and reopen. But again, one update is all you get.

Is this still an issue?
Are you on app version 3.4.2 (To find, go to the more section and the About App option)
You are on iOS.

The recent server side improvements as part of your maintenance seems to have resolved it, either by design or coincidence.

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PS: prior to your maintenance releases, I also cleared cache, signed out, deleted the app and reinstalled. That helped for about half a day then the issue came back. Seems fine now though.

Feel free to make another post if you have any more issues :slight_smile: I am going to close this topic. Thank you so much!