Pooltogether Tokens

I have a bunch of token’s which I cannot identify by there name given on your ‘Review’ page. The page doesn’t state which contract addresses it belongs to and the names a generic.

How should I proceed? (Fyi those are NOT the already added $POOL token)

I will put in your feedback to make this more user-friendly by maybe in the unknown currency section, I am unsure if in the future we can also try and catch the contract address for the coins if available as well to help users identify which coin is which.

If these tokens are already on CMC (or are a value of a 1:1 ratio to a coin on CMC) sync them to the correct coin.
I understand what I said is not very helpful :stuck_out_tongue:
What I would do with our current setup is to do it by trial and error. Sync the coin with your best guess, then check the Full Data Set to see if it did the correct coin when comparing it to the history of your ETH wallet, if not, unsync it and try again.

Please keep in mind that we still keep the cost basis and taxes of all your unknown currencies. We base the cost basis off of what was traded for it and whatever the price of that known currency was at the time of the trade.

As I see you are a very active user, I am also assuming you have already read the staking and liquidity pool articles.

Pooltogether tokens are lottery tickets. They seem to represent 1:1 value of the respective token, e.g.

  • ptUNI would map to UNI
  • ptRAI would map to RAI
  • PoolTogether Pool Ticket probably maps to POOL but I’m not sure and don’t know how to verify. It’s not even sure which account I can find this on.

That still leaves me with the question what to do with the

  • PT UNI-V2 LP Ticket. It’s a token respresenting ETH and POOL Uniswap v2 position. I don’t have any clue what to map this to. You certainly handle Liquidity Positions well. But what to do if a Liquidity Position is now used to get a lottery ticket? Simply ignore it?

If this is your coin for PoolTogether Pool Ticket (Stake) - then it would probably be ok to sync it.

PT UNI-V2 LP Ticket seems to be a basket of 2 coins, WETH and POOL. This means I would probably treat it like a liquidity pool.

What does that mean in regards to ‘Unknown currencies’ tab? Treating a currency which shows up there ‘like a liquidity pool’ means ignoring it, right?

Your transactions are already being handled correctly by default. The only thing you would need to do is ignore the Liquidity Pool Token