Polygon, something went wrong

When I attempt to add a Polygon wallet through the mobile app I am being told that it is an invalid wallet address and on the site it displays a message that “Something went wrong”. I have attempted this with all of my polygon wallets and the same thing happens each time.

Exact same results when trying to add a Cardano wallet

Hi! Thank you for reporting this issue. Our dev team is currently looking into possible solutions to fix Polygon.

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Yes same with me. Anytime I try to add a polygon address I just get a something went wrong error

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A lot of the polygon issues have been fix. I will let them know you are still havingin issues.

Still having issues… same issue as last time.


I am still having issues, and have for he last several weeks. My polygon account was not updating. When I deleted and tried to add it again, I can’t because I get an error.

Same, would love to be able to add Polygon and Cardano.

Just tried both Polygon and Cardano. Still get the “Something went wrong” error for both.

Thank you for the update! So you guys are having issues simply copy and pasting your wallet address into the space provided when adding an address? Does that return an error? Or is it an error when You try to refresh your wallet you have already added?
If it is the 2nd option, can you try the first option and tell me if that works? If so, you may need to reimport your wallet. Which I understand sucks if you have already classified it. I had to do it personally the other day with my Metamask.

The error “something went wrong” occurs when trying to add a new polygon wallet, not when refreshing an already added one. (using a browser).

When trying to add a new polygon wallet through the app the error code is “invalid wallet address”. Copy/Paste address and scanning QR code both lead to this error.

I tried both and both having issues.

Here’s an screenshot when updating the wallet:

No error on API request, but no valid response either on /api/onboarding/importAPI/457176?reason=manualRefresh

Here’s an screenshot when adding a new wallet:

Looks like error is coming from /api/onboarding/getBalance/matic

{"statusCode":500,"data":"Request failed with status code 422","message":"Request failed with status code 422","path":"/onboarding/getBalance/matic","error":true,"name":"Error","internalCode":"UNKNOWN_ERROR"}

Hope this helps…

Polygon / Matic wallets are now working!!!
Send me a list of unknown currencies and I will add what is available on CoinMarketCap!

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Confirmed! It’s working now. Thanks!
I only have 1 token left that is not mapped.
Unfortunately, CMC does not track it (yet).

But it is tracked at CoinGecko, so I’ll just wait if/when Accointing moved to CoinGecko or allow manual add of tokens.

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