Poloniex API - only balances?

I imported my Poloniex wallet via API successfully. However it seems distributions (e.g. staking rewards) are not supported, I do not see them in the transaction history in Accointing. In the wallet overview I get a warning that the balance do not match the transactions… “Der vom Anbieter gemeldete Bestand des Wallets stimmt nicht mit den in Accointing importierten Transaktionen überein.”

Is this a problem with the API or with Accointing?
Any suggestions how to resolve this?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi! It’s likely that we don’t support it. Let me get back to you on this tomorrow.

Hi @Rod any news on this?

Nothing yet. I’ll have an answer on Monday. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

No problem - thanks for your quick reply! Looking forward to Monday.

Hi! We currently don’t support Poloniex Staking rewards. You can add them manually via our ACCOINTING.com template or manually