Polkadot Wallet not connecting

Hi, Polkadot is not connecting/updating correctly anymore with Nano Ledger (Wallet) and Kraken (API). Also happens with a colleague of mine.
It still shows the old balance and when refreshing it says connection down while at the same it works/updates perfectly with CoinStats where I see the up to date balance.
Any idea?

Same issue here for 48 hours+

DOT is now fixed! Let me know if you experience any more issues!

Hi Matt

It’s not fixed for me. Now says invalid address

Thank you

My bad, we fixed ADA and Polygon, DOT is still in progress, would someone be willing to share their public address so we can test it out?
Send it to me here or to our email :slight_smile: Add a link to this community post so we can keep things straight :slight_smile: support@accointing.com

Also not fixed with me, same issue as yesterday

Sent last night

Same here, not working.

We fixed ADA and Polygon, currently looking into DOT!

Hi there, is there any progress?

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Hello, I also require Polkadot/Kusama support. Please let us know about the latest progress.

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Dot Wallet tracking is fixed!!! And stay tuned, because we are going to add KSM wallet tracking soon!

Polkadot wallet fixed with me, but now not able to connect to Kraken API :frowning:

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We will take a look into Kraken :slight_smile: