Polkadot Parachain Auctions

With polkadot auctions coming soon, and already on kusama, is there support for accounting for these, or a classification we can use when contract moves dot out of our wallets into contract?

it’s not a withdraw, to another owned wallet, and it’s not a gain, what can we do for these that gives us correct accounting?

Let me talk with the team to see our plan :slight_smile:

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For now, let’s vote for parachains as a whole :smiley:


Excellent, yeah because this could be a big accounting issue when tokens are removed from our wallets, and placed into a contract. This shouldn’t be seen as sale, lost, or gains.

really hope there is a solution soon for this, as it will make things very difficult come 2022.

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One thing you could do in this situation @bobjohnson, is to treat it like how we treat staking - Staking Transactions - The Hub on ACCOINTING.com