Polkadot missing funds when importing

When importing a DOT wallet it reports missing balance. I concluded that the reason is that non-transfer transactions are simply ignored and with it the transaction fees they deducted.

Issue was originally discussed here. I subsequently filed a support ticket for it but this just vanished and I don’t know what is the status of it.

I see that you were able to send your DOT wallet address to our support team.
Please make sure your DOT wallet is in the correct formate and that you can see it on https://polkadot.subscan.io/ .

Please feel free to DM me with information until we figure out what happened to your ticket.

Not sure what you are suggesting here. The wallet address I entered was correct because Subscan is exactly what I used to determine what is going wrong on Accointing.

When you submitted a ticket, do you know what the ticket number was? If not, can you DM me your email so that we can take a look as to why someone closed the ticket?

In that first ticket, you sent your DOT address, correct? We can use that address to take a deeper look into why it is missing the data you mentioned above.