Polkadot (DOT) Ledger wallet

Now that Ledger finally supports Polkadot (DOT), I was finally able to transfer my DOT tokens to cold storage on my Ledger Nano X.

However, when I try to add that wallet to Accointing, I am unable. DOT does not show up as an option under Ledger in Accointing. Can you please add this capability? I’m hoping to get back to full visibility of my portfolio on Accointing!

Thank you so much for a great product!

We are working on an issue with dot as we speak


So are you specifically working on adding the DOT option on the Ledger wallet? When I try to add a Ledger wallet for DOT:

  • I go thru the “add wallet” process and select Ledger as the wallet provider
  • In the “chose currency” box on the next screen, however, DOT - Polkadot does not show up as an option.

Is that the functionality that you are adding?

Thanks again!


We need to fix DOT in general, and then we can add that to the ledger :slight_smile:

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API explorer is blocking all requests. Emailed the service to see if there is a business or subscription agreement we can come to. Waiting to hear back. From the results of a quick search, it seems there are no other block explorers that offer API functionality so we have to wait.

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Hey @Matt , do you know what was the result from the API explorer? I’ve noticed a lot of inconsistencies between the different dot explorers

We use Subscan - https://polkadot.subscan.io/

Hey, Matt as of today 02/20/22 we still cannot add DOT to Ledger wallet. Do you have any ETA?

Hey guys, for clarification, this is a bug report and I have sent it to our devs. Right now this is a minor issue, as you can just search DOT instead of Ledger, and then copy and paste your wallet address. It will track just the same in our system :slight_smile:
Therefore we are working on other bugs and feature requests before we get to this.
We hope you understand and have fun tracking your DOT :smiley:

Roger That!, Certainly is understandble
Thanks, Matt

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