Polakot Wallet support

+1, KSm & DOT would be really amazing.


Hey @benny739 @alirio @stevedow @gentledepp you can now upvote for this feature to be prioritized and get more visibility!

@Rod thanks for the ping, vote casted. If I may add, I’d hope that the final implementation would support the stacking rewards transaction, because right now it says that the reported balance mismatches the sum of transactions.

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We are working hard to get Polkadot implemented guys! Thank you for your patience.

+1 Vote von mir!
Seit ein paar Tagen wird Polkadot von Ledger Live unterstützt. Man benötigt dafür keine Drittanbieter-App mehr.
English Version:
Ledger Live now supports Polkatot (DOT). No Third Party App needed any more.

Screenshot Ledger Dot Wallet anlegen|593x487

Hey guys! @benny739 @Krueptoh-Elfe @stevedow @alirio @gentledepp we now support Polkadot. Make sure you come check it out: Accointing - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & Tax Software

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Very nice, currently no support for staking rewards? Is this planned?

Hi @benny739! Planned but no ETA tbh.

Very nice. Also with the upcoming parachain auctions sth like “Sent to pool” on a withdraw would be good. Otherwise there would be a lot of manual work involved. Adding a wallet and a manual deposit and later a withdraw. So maybe you can include “Sent to pool” and use just a hidden wallet for that under the hood. Would also solve a lot of other problems (e.g. staking).

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+1 for KSM and +1 for staking support this would be huge

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Polkadot.js would be nice as the web wallet version without ledger as well. I don’t know if it will need a separate topic

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Any news about the staking rewards support?

Hey Benny! We are still working on it. Thank you for your patience. However, I can’t guarantee you anything soon.

It would be great if we can get the reward support for DOT on LedgerNano. Thank you.

+1. Polkadot.js wallet is very similar to MetaMask, and would cover all the DOT protocol coins (e.g., Kusama, Acala, Phala, etc.). That should be the goal as it would kill several birds with one stone.



How do I add Kusama wallet + Karura tokens?

@gecrypt vote here: Kusama Wallet support

Thank you, done.

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Any news about the staking rewards support?

What exactly now?
Some Staking Articles in The Hub: