Poladot Wallet missing found Part 2

The issue in this thread Poladot Wallet missing found still persists.

I still can’t read the answer from your support:

I will inform the team.
You should be receiving emails, therefore you do not need to sign in.

Just to confirm though, your Polkadot issue is resolved, now you just are trying to sign ing?

All conversations you’ve had previously with support have been through email. So when we reply to a support request, the reply gets sent to the email you used when submitting the ticket. Creating an account or signing in are not needed and have never worked properly due to a bug in freshdesk’s login system.

If you need us to send our reply again via email then just let us know. But either way, it will be through email.

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I went through my email again and did not find there any clue to solve the issue. For the sake of my sanity I used the missing founds tool to correct for the 0,04 DOTs.

This doesn’t make up that your code is probably still buggy at several places.
I invested more time into this as I should, so please let check that out by a developer somewhere. I provided my address so it should be easy so reproduce ( I can share it again )

I’ve only 4 transactions on the Polkadot address.

  • two are deposits from my Binance account to my wallet, both are marked having transaction fees of 0,1 Polkadot, which is definetely wrong

  • the other two are going into auctions, they have the correct transaction fees assigned

  • my assumption is that a deposit should anyway don’t cost my wallet anything

  • no matter how I try to calculate it, Accointing is generating the wrong wallet total (even if I remove the 0,1 + 0,1 from the equation)

0.1 DOT is likely to be the Binance withdrawal fee:

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Your are right but this fee should than be on the Binance transaction not on the the Blockchain Wallet, I think Accointing is doing here something strange for internal transfers.

Internal Transfers over Bridges (or in general Smart Contracts) or DEXes can cause fees on sending and and receiving founds. While normaly a transfer Blockchain to Blockchain only creates fees for the sender.

Because you are unable to locate your ticket number via email and cannot login, would you be willing to DM me your public DOT address?

The reason we ask for your data is that we do not see your data, whatever you put in your Accointing account is encrypted.

I see that we have a bug report on a similar issue with a DOT address, maybe it was your ticket is how we got this? Or maybe it was a different user. Either way, we apologies that it seems that the ticket has been lost. :confused:

Sure I’ll DM you the address :slight_smile:

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So this is a weird case as the laws are not specific in this area, though I am unsure of your country as well. Therefore it is up to the user to classify as they want depending on how they chose to treat this kind of transaction. For example, with loans, the collateral should not be taxable, therefore, it should be an internal transfer as if it was staking, but the keyword is should. if someone wants to be super conservative they could do it as a trade. Similar to a LP, you can treat as a deposit or taxable event, or as if you are staking.