Please Vote: User Interface Improvement

Dear Accointing Team

Having spent a considerable amount of time using your platform. I reviewed a lot of platforms and think this one has the most potential. I like to provide some suggestions to improve the user experience.

Missing Balance

While helpful, I found this very difficult to use. It would be very helpful if you showed for the specific coin a better tracker.

I would suggest that you help track the evolution of the respective coin better, i.e. when clicking on the coin, instead of taking me to where the mismatch happens, I would rather want to see all the history of the specific coin only. There should also be a column that shows cumulative expected and accounted balance. Having this would help to better track and identify where the mismatch occurred. Because in most circumstances, the mismatch date I am currently shown is not the actual mismatch date and typically a result of a much older not accounted for amount.

Automatic classification

I get a lot of small payments on a daily or hourly basis. Not all of them are automatically flagged as income. Currently, I have to go in manually and classify them.

As these payments always come from the same wallet, it would be great to have the ability to set up an automatic classification by specifying the address and currency. Therefore if payment with that combination occurs, the system would then automatically flag them as income.

Income tracking

Please show a performance chart only relating to income. I am interested in seeing what income is generated on my holdings daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Net Profits

Can you show a chart that only shows my net profits based on the coins currently held? I do not care about the profits that I have withdrawn.

Coin price history

I have some coins that have an incorrect price history. As such, the purchase price used is, e.g. 1000€ while the actual purchase price was 0.005€. It would be great to have the ability to define the purchase price for those circumstances manually.

Price targets

Add ability to define sell targets for profit and loss for each coin and show the corresponding portfolio amount and profit at the target price. What I like to see is if my portfolio stays within a specific performance range. As I am constantly calibrating my portfolio, it would be great to have better financial stats on a portfolio level and for each coin. A tab showing portfolio statistics would be great, i.e. volatility, correlation to, e.g. bitcoin etc. Also, having the ability to benchmark my portfolio to like bitcoin would be great.

Coin Grouping

Please show stats by coin asset class, e.g. DEFI, etc., to better see how my holdings are distributed and how my holdings by asset class are performing.

Verify Lens

I came across this project and suggest engaging with them to have the ability to get these scores and, as such, see a portfolio risk score. When this is up and running, this should also help to identify fake coins,

I wanted to take the time to say thank you, @Crumbi for the feedback. Accointing is a new and growing company in a new industry and sector of finance. I mean, Bitcoin is only 13 years old! We appreciate the feedback and plan to only improve as we hire more people and grow throughout the years!

Yes, maybe we can improve this section a bit, thank you so much for the feedback! What I personally do is go to the full data set and search the coin in question in the top right and look at all the transactions.

As we do offer some auto-classification, such as your weekly earnings from Celsius, I understand that we could probably improve on this. I know, for example, while we auto-classify soft staking of Dai on Coinbase, we do not auto-classify ALGO soft staking. Though it would be impossible to auto-classify everything, we can improve this to include more. And I like the idea you have given to give users some custom rules they could set to create auto-classifying rules, themselves.

This would be a cool feature to add to the portfolio.

Adding this toggle button would be helpful.

I believe we have this on our roadmap already :slight_smile:

Implementing this would take a lot of manpower, but I am sure it could be done :slight_smile: We do offer the ability to set up push notifications on the app when a coin hits a certain price point. I suggest you create a feature request for this and allow the users to vote for it to determine priority :slight_smile:

This would be cool, to like see wherer you coins are in different sectors within the crypto world.

Can you get me a link to share with the team?


Here is the link to verify.

I understand that they aim to make this available q1 2022.

I also noticed that we do offer a form of this on the app already, but not on the WEB version.

Thank you for the link!

While we love the feedback, for these ideas to get implemented, all these ideas would all need to be requested and voted on individually. This is because we need to gauge user interest in each individual feature request to prioritize our development efforts. so a post with multiple feature requests, decreases the chances of any of them being implemented.

I think some of these suggestions are based on the hours I spent to reconcile issue.

Further I really don’t like the voting system as votes are depending on people opening the app and happen to see a post. I am only opening the app when I report a issue and do not constantly monitor new entries!

Therefore your voting system is so ineffective as it’s totally skewed towards user’s that by chance see a post.

If you want to have a proper voting system all of the users must be prompted to place a vote…

I completely agree, the proper way is to list all feature requests together and have an organized vote on which feature requests we should prioritize our development efforts on next. But this is harder to do than it sounds, and wouldn’t exactly make sense because some feature requests would take longer than others to implement, or might not even be possible.

We do it this way to gauge user interest for a feature especially since most feature requests are for supporting new blockchains or exchanges. Since we are limited on development resources, we need to prioritize efforts for the most requested features. A vote is like someone suggesting the same feature request and each user is limited in votes.

Regardless, I did send this to our product team as feedback and not as feature requests :slight_smile: