Please Do Not mark Internal transfers as Sales in Holdings Overview and Price charts

Please Do Not mark Internal transfers as Sales in Portfolio,
Holdings Overview and Price charts it is confusing and detracts from the value of the charts.
If necessary, give these events another colour

Can you help me understand your request?
I have an internal here on May 6th.

But it does not show as a sale.

Thanks for reaching out!

Yes, you are right it shows internal transactions as a red dot which, according to the legend, indicates a sell event.

Also, your screenshot does not show that on highlighting the dot you lose context (ie the colour changes to orange for both sell and buy events)

Take a look at my screen:

So it does not make sense to show an internal Tx as a sell event as it not a disposal, possibly needs another colour - if you are searching for CGT events marking internal Tx as red is confusing.

I am confused, I do not see my internal transaction on my portfolio page?
I have an internal transaction for May 6th.

The red dot in my photo above was where my mouse cursor was to select the date.

Hi Matt

I can only show you what’s on my account.
I have a red dot showing internal transactions and from a UI POV it is confusing.
Maybe you have a different version, I am in UK and using iOS and Chrome on a Mac desktop.

Could be a fee, they threat fee as sell event. That’s what I noticed in my portfolio too. Confuses me because I haven’t sold any of that particular coin yet (just transferred it from Exchange to Wallet)

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Hey @CH_CH can you see if what @Romeo said applies?
Is the meantime, consider voting for this: Add more information to the Portfolio Price Graph

It’s actually nice if we can ignore fees as sell event (at least in the chart). It looks like we are buying high, selling low haha. Or at least buy events will have precedence over sell event? It’s common that we do buy, sell, transfer in the same day.

Hey @Romeo can you add your feedback to the linked post I shared in my last post? That would be awesome to keep it all in one place :smiley:

Am I good to close the post?

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