Please Add Year End Closing Position Report

Hi Accointing Team,

I would like to request the option of printing a Year End Closing Statement including the crypto balances and remaining cost basis displayed for each crypto that I hold. I believe this to be very important for tax reasons. I would like to continue using your service year after year. I understand that software updates happen, and in order to prevent any changes to prior years, I would like to have a Closing Position Statement. This will help me report my cryptos year after year without the worry of changing prior year data that has already been reported to the authorities. This would also allow me to change between FIFO, HIFO, or other methods from year to year.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

We have custom dates now and with his license, you can print out as many reports as he wishes to

You may also print out as many reports as you would like, so you could change the different tax methods in Settings and print out more than 1 report.

There is an end of the tax year balance in the pdf file we generate

Search for “daily balance” in the pdf to find it


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