Please add Voyager

Please add voyager to your list of exchanges. Thanks!

Hi @leyasuBKLYN. Thanks for reaching out. We will prioritize exchanges based on the amount of upvotes they get. That will help us make sure that we are approaching the community as efficiently as possible. As more people request voyager, it will move faster in the development pipeline.


Yes, I agree can you please add Voyager. That’s the only exchange I cannot sync up with Accointing. Thanks!


Another vote for Voyageur - thanks.


Please add Voyager it is a great app and would like to facilitate it being added. The Xcel sheet is greatly appreciated.


VOYAGER is going to be the Robinhood for Cryptos. It’s a great platform and when they expand to Europe there will be thousands of new users


Yes, totally agree. Please add Voyager. This is an up and coming exchange. Trust me… you will want to add this one.


Yes, I totally agree. Please look into adding as soon as possible.

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I also need Voyager support.

Are we near a point where Voyager will be added?’

Another vote for Voyager exchange/wallet

It maybe best to contact InvestVoyager to add the API support. Please send an email to Voyager as well. If enough people contact Voyager then it maybe faster for us.

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Please add Voyager to make it easier to track our transactions!