Please add the DAFI Token

Hey there! Please add the DAFI Token :slight_smile:

Hi @Klauwz. Not available in CMC. Hence, we can’t add it

Now its on CMC. Could you also please add oddz and konomi

Hi @Klauwz ! they all have been added. they should be available today at 11 pm GMT

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Hi @Rod !
I can see the coin now but it doesn’t show my average purchase price and therefore no profit/loss values. Can i add the purchase price manually?

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Sometimes that takes a while for the average price to become available for me, can you check now and see if it shows the average price?

nope :frowning:

Hi @Klauwz! Would you mind refreshing? How did you add the tokens? It seems to be working just fine for me:

Hi ,

i deleted my metamask data and reimported it and still no loss/profit value.

Hi @Klauwz. Let us take a look at it. Maybe it’s an issue with Metamask. If you have to urgently create a tax file or anything like that, you can try adding the transaction manually.

Hi @Rod i got the same issue now with the $SHFT Token. I bought both of them quite early after the uniswap listing. Maybe Accointing does have issues finding the price from the time i have bought?

Hi @Klauwz! I’m sorry to hear that. Let us take a look and let me get back to you.

Hi @Klauwz! Could you please send us your full history file so we can review it to To get that file, just go to your Full Data Set and click on “Export full history”.

Please state the following:

  1. What is the problem that you’re currently having
  2. When did it start happening (explain how the issue came about please)