Please add ShibaSwap LP Token and xShib Staked Shiba Inu


With SHIBASWAP is fully operating for some time now, would you be able to add tokens that relevant to the ecosystem such as ShibaSwap LP, xShib Staked Shiba Inu etc.

Kind regards

We can only add tokens that are on CoinMarketCap.

For ShibaSwap LP please read the following:
Liquidity Pools: below is a link to a blog post about the topic, staking pools would be handled the same way as liquidity pools. How to Import Liquidity Pool Transactions to - The Hub - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & Tax Software
Some Staking Articles in The Hub: You searched for staking - The Hub - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & Tax Software

For the xShib, it sounds like it is just a Shib on the xDai chain. Therefore you can syn on the Accointing Review page xShib to Shib.

Shibaswap is a fork of uniswap and thus uses uniswap v2 LP tokens. I created a feature request which deals with supporting ANY Uniswap v2 LP token, please consider voting here: