Please add PICKLE / rename it


Despite PICKLE being on CMC already with ETH contract address: 0x429881672b9ae42b8eba0e26cd9c73711b891ca5

it’s very hard to recognize on the review page

It goes by “UNISWAP V2” which makes it almost impossible to identify it. Or will this change map ALL Uniswap V2 tokens to Pickle?

I believe if you link Uniswao V2 to Pickle, now everything that comes up as Uniswap V2 will not assign to PICKLE, so that is not the solution.

PICKLE showed up automatically just fine for me when I imported an address that has transacted it.

I suggest unassigning that Uni v2 and refreshing the wallet and see if it appears now. If not, DM me your address and I can create a bug report.

Hm, not sure really. After a reload it still showed up like this. Might as well be a PICKLE-ETH Pool position but then what to do with it?