Please add other Matic Aave Tokens


Is this MAUSDC and MAUSDT for the amUSDC and amUSDT accordingly?

If so, can we also add

Not sure about amDAI (I mapped it to ADAI for now).

Though it would be awesome if we use CoinGecko so am* will be matched automatically.

Let me get back to you on this, I need to do some research.

Coming from this issue. Can’t respond anymore over there. I’ll try to go through some of your suggestions. I have a lot of errors so it’s going to take me awhile.

As for this thread I don’t know the difference between MAWETH and amWETH. I can try to map my amWETH to base ETH. Here is amWETH on CoinGecko.

I’m also in need of this fix. My polygon wallet is a total mess because Accointing can’t track my lending/borrowing on AAVE. I also need amMATIC.


They have different contract addresses so i think they are different tokens. Not sure exactly what they do differently, but you can see that the ma tokens are used way less than the am tokens.

So are these coins pegged at a 1:1 ratio? If so please follow this article:

If they are not, please consider the following:

Manual entry of tokens: Manual entry of tokens (those not listed on CoinmarketCap)
Missing currencies: Use CoinGecko API For Missing Currencies