Please add Octans (OCTA)

Hi! Bitte fügt den Token hinzu:

Er wird demnächst auch bei gelistet, weiß nicht ob euch coingecko reicht.

Vielen Dank und viele Grüße

image currently not available in CMC

Ok. At the moment only on coingecko. I will write again, if it is on cmc :slight_smile:


@Rod now it is on

Greets :smile:

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Hi! Will it be added? :blush:

since this coin is on CoinMarketCap it can be added. but since it wasn’t on there before and was listed on CoinGecko it ties it to my feature request about using the free CoinGecko API for adding new coins. if you want to vote for or check it out i provided the link below.

already available