Please add NFT buy sell support

How should we declare our crypto buys and sells??? Should we declare it as a fee/loss/ or I don’t know what else. Maybe creating a fantasy wallet and put the NFTs in there with their initial cost at the time we bought?? No idea. Would be great to create a declaration called NFT. :wink: cheers

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Here is the breakdown of classifications: Crypto Tax Classifications : Accointing AG
Here is how you are taxed per classification:

We are working on how to implement NFTs in the future :slight_smile:

Any news or a Roadmap about the NFT Handling? I think this is urgend

  • Bernhard

Please wait for an announcement that should come next month.


Hi Matt,

Hope you are doing well.

Seems I am not alone with this request, but its really becoming critical. We have invested in Accointing based on its value proposition and also as you announced NFT tracking/reporting integration since early 2021. Could you please let us know if this will be finally implemented in April? (You mentioned in February 2022 that an announcement should come in March, however its almost end of month). I fully understand that you have limited resources to bring forward features, but please as customers we need a clear date (we have been quite understanding for long now).

Thank you!

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You guys promised a solution to integrate NFTs in the tax report in March. March is almost over! I hope I don’t have paid around $200 for nothing. By the way, I just got an email that Opensea is partnering with Cointrack that brings NFTs easily in the tax report.
So when comes your solution?

More information coming, in the meantime, leave a comment in the comment section of your Full Data Set to the name of your NFT.

Hey Matt,

Can you please share a concrete timeline? We are all waiting for months! Its really difficult to have peace of mind on this topic when your solution provider keeps postponing an announcement on such an important topic these days.

Hey guys, so there have been delays due to sickness without developers.
We are working hard on this.

On the chance that we do not get this done before USA tax seasons, please create a ticket if you need help and tell us your issue and we can work hard at finding a solution for you.

If you would like to get help from another person in the community, please ask in our Discord.

  • Wenn du Hilfe von einer anderen Person aus der Community erhalten möchtest, frage bitte in unserem Discord.

  • Wenn du Unterstützung von einem offiziellen Teammitglied erhalten möchtest, erstelle bitte ein Ticket.

v1 of custom tokens is live!!! Go check it out!!!
Here is an example!


Now that we have laid the groundwork for this, we will be able to do more, thank you guys for sticking with us!

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