Please Add Metamask Avalanch Network & Polygon Network

Need this to add my tokens/coins i.e. TIME, MEMO, AVAX etc.
Without this it kind of makes accointing only half as useful.

Same goes for Polygon Network on Metamask.

Coins that are on CoinMarketCap are now automatically added to the database. It should be available at 11:00 P.M. GMT. (7 A.M. ET) a day or 2 after CMC adds it to their database :slight_smile:
Please see the review tab and see if you can sync your coins :slight_smile:

For the Polygon network, please copy and paste your Polygon Address and add it here for auto tracking :slight_smile:

Thanks Matt, see it now for Polygon however I do not see the Avalanch Network (AVAX)?
Would it be possible to add it to the list? As I have a fair amount of trades doing it via manual import would be to tedious. Best regards, Mark

We currently do not support the Avalanch Network but you can vote for the feature request.

Also, the description of your feature request in this post does not seem to match the title. Each new feature request would need to be voted on independently. So it’s best to make each feature their own request and if it already exists, vote for that one instead.

Support for the Avalanch Network in the Metamask Import and support for the Polygon Network in the Megamask import are 2 separate feature requests.

thanks, I will close this one as I voted on a related request that already has 44 votes.

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