Please add Meta Musk token from CMC -

ticker meta - bnb chain

I am happy to inform you that we now automatically add the coins listed on CoinMarketCap’s website, They will automatically get added a day or 2 after CMC lists them.

Unfortunately, if the digital asset is not available on CoinMarketCap we are currently unable to add it. When it has been added to CMC, it will be added to our database automatically.

If the coin is added on CMC:
Once it is added, please go to the review tab and sync the coin :slight_smile:

If you owned a coin before it was available on CMC AND your cost basis is incorrect for the trades, please create an OTC transaction as our current workaround. Over-The-Counter (OTC) Transactions - Accointing Crypto Blog - Knowledge, Crypto Taxes, Guides & Tips

If your coin is at a 1:1 value of another coin, please go to the review section and sync the value of it as described in this article:

What Can I Currently Do While I wait for my Coin to be Added to CMC?

Please keep in mind that we still keep the cost basis and taxes of all your unknown currencies. We base the cost basis off of what was traded for it and whatever the price of that known currency was at the time of the trade.

Please consider voting for these 2 posts in the meantime:

Manual entry of tokens: Manual entry of tokens (those not listed on CoinmarketCap)

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