Please Add Ledger Solana Support

Hi, I’ve moved my Solana to my Ledger but I can’t import it automatically as Solana is not in the coin drop down list.
Please can SOL support be added.


Please vote here: Solana wallet support

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The community board is for the community to help each other :slight_smile:

you demand decent money for the creation of tax reports!!! I have over 50,000 transactions a year and it can’t be that I have to constantly enter most coins manually or via a table because most wallets are still not available. That really can not be and is really annoying! you should please enter at least top 500 coins without changing your voting policy!!! and is good. in today’s digitization, one sits and fills out any web forms!!! Zil, Band, Fil, Strax, Ont, ICP, RVN, Theta, AION, XVG, ALGO, ONE, FTM, ICX, HBAR, ALGO, SOLANA,

Thank you for your understanding

If you need a refund, please submit a ticket.
These things take time to implement, and then the exchanges change their API or .csv format without warning, and then our developers are forced to change that before they can then add another exchange/wallet. We offer the manual way so that you have options.
And then we want to add different things to the system, like the ability to handle NFTs, there is only so much manpower that we have and we are choosing wisely where to spend it.
We hope you understand.

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