Please add Cardano Native Tokens

CNTs have been live for a while, and with Smart Contracts launching in 3 weeks on Cardano, various native tokens will now have a value and should be tracked within Accointing.
Similar to how the system tracks ETH and BSC tokens, the same should be done for Cardano.

What tokens specifically do you want us to add? Send me the CoinMarketCap link of the coin and I will add it :slight_smile: image

When you click on the Transaction ID in the full data set, it goes to the Cardano Explorer. :slight_smile:
This is something we fixed.

@Matt so this isn’t about adding a token as such, as for example you already hold ADAX. The thing I’m describing here is I hold ADAX in my wallet along with Cardano, yet the address importer doesn’t detect the CNT and only the ADA there. So similar to Ethereum and BSC, I’m requesting support for all CNT’s a wallet holds where Accointing holds the coin to show in the same place.

To give a visual example, I would expect this wallet to show “2 coins” with Cardano & ADAX

Just like how this one does:

Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 17.52.56

I understand. You have more than one coin in your Cardona Wallet. (ADA + ADAX). Both are the same address and same blockchain.
Is that correct? I am sorry I do not personally use Cardano.

Would you be willing to send us your wallet address to our email support so that they can check it out as to why one 1 coin is showing up?

Yep exactly! - Just like with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, one address/wallet can hold multiple tokens. I shall forward my address to support now referencing this thread.

I imagine this will become an in-demand feature soon as Smart Contracts are launching on Cardano in 6 days, so we’ll have all sorts of tokens like ADAX, WMT and many others people will want to keep track of :slight_smile:


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Thank you, I know that ADA has big plans Sept. 12th :smiley: