Please add ATD - Atidium

It’s in my Binance wallet and keeps getting recognized as A2DAO instead and throws my balance off. Not even sure the Atidium exists anymore, but I’ve tried to ignore it and it keeps recognizing it as A2DAO and I have no way to get rid of it. Thanks!

Let me know tomorrow if this is still an issue. You may need to manually check the old transactions, but the new transactions should appear as Atidium starting tomorrow :slight_smile: I can change something in our system if it does not work for you starting tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hey! Your token request has been successfully added to the database. It should be available today at 11:00 P.M. GMT. (7 A.M. ET)

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Thanks so much for adding it, but now when I edit the transaction to change it to atidium, it makes the API imported one ignored and makes a manual deposit with atidium. So it’s still reading as A2DAO in the wallet and still won’t go away. Even when I delete the API import it still shows up. This one really wants to stay in there. Any ideas?

Try now, I was able to change something else :slight_smile:

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That did it. Thanks so much, that was really bugging me!

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