Persist "shown rows" selection

As a user of the Accointing WebApp I would like to have the possibility to persist my “shown row” selection for tables.

Basically I would like to have a feature which remembers my “shown row” selection or a user setting to define the default amount of shown rows for tables.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @patrick! Interesting…would you like that in a specific page…say the Full Data Set or you mean in the Overview page when displaying your portfolio tokens?

IMO this feature would make sense for the tables on pages Full Data Set and Performance (probably there are other places in the app (Review?) where this kind of tables are used).

On the Dashboard aka Overview I think it is solved better, because there I can expand the full table with one click on “+XX more”. But also there I guess (but I’m not sure) it would be better if the state would be persisted, i.e. if the user expands the full list this information could be persisted (at least in the browsers local storage or so).

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The idea with is that it will become “smarter” based on your activities in the platform. However, there are some things to consider for a feature like that to be implemented like cookies and other things that need to be stored that not all users might appreciate. I guess with further adoption, we will be able to implement something that is as safe as possible, but at the same time user-friendly in that matter.

You can use a cookie or session memory, session memory might be better. So when people are using your site, the session settings get saved and when someone closes the browser tab the session settings get reset. That way when you select how many shown rows you want when looking at your transactions, it’ll persist while using the site until you close the browser tab.