Option to specify decimal places

for coins that are sub-penny in price, the profit/loss can be quite off if you are rounding up to the nearest penny. please allow for specification as to how many decimal places are used on a per coin basis. or allow a global setting to define decimal places for all coins.


Agreed this would be helpful especially with coins that are less than 1 cent.

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yes. sub-penny is what I meant. corrected the original post. thx @chemicallymark


No problem @thrashomatic . If you go to the top left of the screen you can post a vote to get it put into the list of development options.


This is the same as the item below, votes should be combined. There are currently 3 topics with the same request. All three together have 5 votes so far.
Can admin group these all into a single topic and transfer votes?


Totally correct. If a coin (for example WIN) is trading at 0.00100111 and you make a 100% profit (for example), representing that as 0.00 is incorrect. Trading View represents WIN to 7 decimal places. 2 decimal places is illogical for many holdings.

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This should not be a feature request, but a bug fix. It’s well know in the crypto community that coins are quoted in SATS. SATS needs to be presentation method where required - at least in a tooltip (it needs to be somewhere). This really is an excellent system. The above fix would make it even better.

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Please vote here, merging posts:

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