Old transactions suddenly marked as missing classification

My whole portfolio was completely clean until this morning as I updated a wallet of an exchange because I sent some Crypto from a Phantom Wallet to it and I wanted these tokens appear in Accointing. (Btw. Phantom Wallet —> API integration would be great).

From this point my whole portfolio is now completely disarranged.

in the Overview there are values shown for the last 3 month that are totally wrong (much too high).
Also there are unclear transactions shown in the screen where all problems are analyzed. But the thing is, there were no transactions with missing classification for months now and suddenly, there are problems, although absolutely nothing happened with these assets.

As there is a new look to the interface I assume there has been an update in the last days…

There seems to be something seriously wrong by now!

They’re all duplicate transactions. If you go into full data set you will see multiple of the same transactions, and the unclassified ones are duplcates.

Easiest fix for now is to go into the missing classification review tab and ignoring all of them.

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Ok this lead to my Portfolio worth going even higher … 1.5x…

Well I hope the guys at Accointing are seriously working on this.

We have reports of some duplicates, can you please tell us which wallet you were using? Only API connections seem to bring some duplications for certain wallets that changed their APIs without notice to Accointing.

Please also consider voting for the following: Auto Detect Duplicate Transactions in the Review

Merging, please add comments here:

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